Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sunday afternoon

If I was a man, I'll be in love

Saturday night

Her amazing Hoodie

The Swedish Girl

The firs time I saw her, she was working in H&M. She was in the wardrobe.
I got fascinated by her femminility, wearing a 'high-waist- knee lenght - black -skirt', a white shirt, and a high helled shoes, black with laces.
She was an apparition.
Two days later, I was sitting on a bench, eating a slice of the best pizza in Barcelona, observing people passing.
And there she was. I ate the last piece of pizza, drunk the last drop of my Nestea, and start running towards her.
Have to stop her, and I did.
She was really nice.
Her name is Sana, she's swedish.
Hon är söt.


She's my queen

A little Doll met on the street

His shoes..

Thursday Night....