Monday, 25 February 2008


Ok, at first I was thinking about an introduction to write down here about this girl.
But, I prefer to leave all in the mistery, as all the most important stars like to do.
Soon, or better said, on March, I'm gonna show you THE NEW ITALIAN FASHION ICON, Greta (best known in the network as GO BABY); and as every blog, every person in the blog sphere has got a Muse, well, why not to present you mine!
And as many of you know, I like to find out THE NEW! (without any references to anybody), and she could be considered like that,
Since the first time I saw her fotolog, and her myspace, I thought she were gonna became my muse, and now, to share this beautiful creature with all of you my friends, I am going to meet her in Milan, next month, and we are going to do a photoshoot and an interview.
Have a look at the first pictures of Greta I've published here, (not taken by me, for now), and start loving her.

Greta, soon and first on: APPEAL TO THE EYE

with Love

Saturday, 16 February 2008

San Valentine's Party @ City Hall * Barcelona

San Valentine's Party @ City Hall * Barcelona

This time my pictures are a bit different from other times.
And I'm here to explain you why. I'm not changing anything in my blog, I'm not changing my style, and of course I'm not pretending to be some new party reporter, but a friend of mine, who actually organized the party, asked me to be kinda reporter of the party just for that night, to have pictures of the event, the first party she organized.
And I have to admit that she did a very good job. The room was full of people dancing all the night long!
The theme of the party was San Valentine's, even if I still think that the 15th of February is the day of singles. So have a look at the atmosphere, enjoy the view, and don't hate me to change my pic style just for one night!
with Love
Verena G