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Sunday, 15 June 2008

THE FANGS GIG @ RazzMatazz

The 'Fangs' is a band from Glasgow who played at RazzMatazz last Friday night.
I had never heard about them before, but I'm sure I'm going to do it from now long.
I was just arrived at the place when outside I saw this girl with a very strong and personal style. I knew she wasn't from here. At first the girl didn't stop and didn't want to talk to me, but when I said the word 'coolhunter' she suddenly stopped and smiled. She thought I wanted to sell them drugs. Hahaha, yeah, me, very funny!
So she invited me to go and see them playing in the Pop bar and so I did.
Best show in a long time, this guys are very nice, especially when I asked to get a pic all together after show. Noooo problems. But the show was amazing, I loved their music and I still do. They made me dance as a crazy frog. First raw (as I always do).
So have a 'hear' at their music

You're going to love them....if you have the same tastes of me in music.

Verena G