Monday, 29 March 2010


Last month I had the opportunity to be one of the famous stupids participating at the DIESEL campaign video 2010, promotional for the new single of my friend and talented musician Josep Xorto 'Hundred Lovers'.
Even if there have been a looooot of complainings about this campaign, especially in Italy (people get bored easily) I love the new campaign, BE STUPID. Once you STOP thinking you start living, enjoying things around you, and creating.
and that's a wonderful sensation.

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I could never be offended of having an arrow against me saying Im stupid, I know who I am and what I do, so that seems to be be funny. I love it, I am stupid ;)

click on the link above to see the video, click on persons to know who they are and what they do.
I dont have a stupid thing I did written on my 'cloud', coz that day I couldn't choose between the thousend of stupid things I did. But the last one is drinking too much and falling asleep on 29 bus and wake up in enfield, at the last bus stop somewhere in London. Funny huh?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ivona and Barcelona - Barcelona street files

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Few days left to be back to sunny Barcelona.
Hope lot of street files for you my babies, coz you know I love you more than everything else.

Have a nice day.

Faltan pocos dias y estarè de vuelta en mi querida sunny Barcelona, espero llevarme a casa muchos street files for you, porque sabéis que os amo màs que cualquier otra cosa.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Get your WAH Nails done

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Yesterday I tried this new place to have my nails done, and yes my girls, if you are around London and want to have you nails done get your appointment at WAH Nails NOW!
They're unbelievable and you are going to be satisfied with the result, You will love it.
I love mine actually. And people are so nice. You have a huge book with many different designs you can choose but you can also have your own idea and draw it for them.
Also our beloved artists got their nails done in WAH Nails

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Check their blog out and you should know that they have a concession in TOPSHOP Oxford Circus

Barcelona Files - Lovely swedish gals

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con mucho Amor
Verena Stefanie

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Caught by James Pearson Howes

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A picture I found randomly on James Pearson Howes' blog,

it is a picture he took of me outside the studio where we had the shooting with Marvell, Donae'o, Giggs and Mista Jam for NYLON magazine

77 is my lucky number
James Pearson Howes is my big inspiration

He econtrado esta foto de mi en el blog de mi fotografo favorito, mi mejor inspiraciòn, James Pearson Howes.
La sacò justo afuera del estudio donde hicimos el shooting con Marvell, Donae'o, Giggs y Mista Jam, para la revista NYLON Magazine
Ese periodico se supone que sea mi paraguas.

77 es mi numero favorito
James Pearson Howes es mi grande inspiraciòn

con amor
Verena Stefanie

Soho Files - London

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con Amor
Verena Stefanie

Love this perfect outfit - Stylesightings

I would wear everything this girl is wearing. It is a very original, perfect, personal combination of pieces of fashion that I would love to have the feeling on my skin of those clothes.
It would be consider a perfect outfit ofr me,myself and I not just for a special occasion, but just having tea with friends around east!

The picture is from

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Lllevarìa cada cosa que esta chica està llevando en la foto. Es un estilo original, perfecto y personalizado, una combinaciòn de piezas de moda que me encantarìa poder tener el honor de llevar, y notar la sensaciòn que esos tejidos harìa en mi piel. Se podrìa considerar como un perfecto outfit para mi persona, lo llevarìa con orgullo, no solo en ocasiones especiales sino que también para tomar un tè con amigos por east!

Brick Lane, East London Files

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with big Love
Verena Stefanie Grotto

Monday, 15 March 2010

Wednesday, 3 March 2010




Here are other pictures for a shooting I did with James Pearson Howes, always assisting him, thing that I love to.
These guys are DJs, some from LA, some others from London or around. The shooting was for a record label I cannot remember the name now, I'm sorry guys.
All the pics by James.

Aqui estan las fotos del shooting que hice hace unos meses con James Pearson Howes para una record label. Estos son unos DJs algunos desde LA y algunos otros desde Londres y alrededores. Ha sido un dia increible, como todos los dias que dedico a la fotografia