Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Appeal to The Eye meets VANIDAD

Or better to say VANIDAD meets me, or found me.
I'm so happy and honoured to comunicate you my friends that the famous spanish magazine 'VANIDAD' renovated its website to celebrate its 15th anniversary, and in its Rock the Blog, after a peculiar investigation, added me...I mean ME and my APPEAL TO THE EYE to its page, advising me as a 'cool' blog to the public, together with other famous and interesting blogs.
I can't believe it happened just three months later I startes this 'project'. But this is, first of all, thanks to you, for your support and inspiration you've given me day by day.
Thank you so much guys and thank you so much VANIDAD!

Keep supporting me!

with Love

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cristinaki said...

enhorabuena mi niña! no me deserve it.