Thursday, 3 January 2008

London - Flower Market

Joseph, 28, Painter Designer (all the graphics of his outfit have been paint by him)
Hi friends!

Finally I decided to publish at least one of the pictures I've been taken all these BEAUTIFUL days I've spent in London.

ayyyy London, what a beautiful city. It wasn't my first time here, but, The first one I've felt really in love with it!

I've been around schools to get infos about courses I can attend here, after finishing my graduate in Barcelona!

London is amazing, but you all already know it, for sure!

I wanted to take more pics in Brick Lane, but last Sunday I went the market was closed and so not so crowded. Tried to go back there today but it was so f*!¿iÇg cold, and most of the people prefered to stay at home or somewhere else warmer than there!

I did my best!

And during next week you'll see the results!

Hope you spent good holidays everywhere you are!

with Love Darlings!

and Thanks for your support!


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