Monday, 9 August 2010

Brick lane Files - East London

Hello pretty faces, Im back, Im sorry for delaying all my posts but a new project is taking all my time, APPEAL TO THE EYE is not dead, it's simply slow lately.
But don't worry, the Saga goes on ;)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic


cookie said...

I love Brick Lane, and her glasses.


Jas said...

i love this blog so much. what an inspiration

Heelsandcigarettes said...

Love this crazy hair! What about that was an amulet?
Hope to come to London soon...We were speaking about coming in november with all the band haha Would be really nice to see you love!

Lianne said...

Very cool outfit, i wish i was on Brick Lane now:(
You should check out my blog, im going to become your fan, maybe we could follow eachother?:)

rossovelvet said...

GOD, awesome. Why are my hair black? Why go white would be harakiri? :(


nice blog, love all the street styles! come follow me xoxo

Violetta E. said...

love it