Monday, 28 March 2011

KIDS OF GRIME first solo exhibition and Y'OH street wear Launch

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This month sees the launch of mens streetwear label Y’OH and photographer Kids Of Grime’s first solo photography exhibition.

The launch will be held at Pure Evil art gallery, situated in the heart of Hoxton. A pioneering force in the contemporary street art world, it consistently demonstrates it’s worth by exhibiting a myriad of young International and British artists as well as staging international shows; most recently in Berlin, Amsterdam, Sydney, Sao Paulo and most notably in Beijing.

The night will see Kids Of Grime aka photographer Verena Stefanie’s first solo exhibition and equally important the first ever Grime photography exhibition. Verena’s ‘documentary’ of grime has evolved into a project that involves all artists-emcees, moments, radio sets, studio sessions, something which goes behind the scenes and gives an insight into it, something to show in the future what was going in the present time. Although she has photographed numerous big names, Skepta, P Money, Newham Generals… she endeavours to show no partiality towards anyone, instead she supports talent over hype. Her work has also expanded into video and she also runs a website which is translated into Italian and Spanish in order to introduce the scene to people overseas. Her photographs are not only significant for the music scene but also for british culture. Kids Of Grime exhibition will be supported by Skullcandy.

Fashion Designer Kara Messina will be showcasing the Y’OH streetwear’s first collection “Heads Ain’t Ready”. It’s not your standard mainstream streetwear, prior to this Kara worked in high fashion for 6 years and has maintained that level of quality. Her skills as a pattern cutter allowed her to cut the collection herself so even the fit of the garments aren’t stereotypical to what’s around at the moment. She describes the silhouette as having a 90s feel to it “No skinny looks, Big Up oversize!”. Y’OH consists of outerwear, shirts and non-jersey tshirts. The context of the printed fabric used in the collection is set to blow your minds. Inspired by comparing Hip Hop to Grime; Mens transition from youth to adult; 90s Fashion; Subcultural affiliation to brands and functional performance garments. The market level is in between luxury and streetwear and will be sold on the online Y’OH store.

Y’OH and Kids Of Grime have collaborated on a project together for the event which is a series of photos that will be exhibted on the night of the show. There will also be a collaborative poster for sale to commemorate the evening.


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