Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Once again I can't help it but posting something about SHOES. My love, my obsession, my life and my death, my lovers and my haters beloved SHOES. I bet most of you girls are spending more money on shoes (as I do) than on food. Am I right? Call me stupid but f the fashion world says NICE SHOES and SKINNY BISHES, I'm on the rght way though. I'm jocking I love eating, and love doing it wearing beautiful shoes. Fair enough.

So here are a pair of shoes I don't think I'll see in my wardrobe soon (as I am still waiting for the Jeffrey Campbell) but they're simply amazing and I could say SWEET!

They're from SENSO and I got this picture from the Fashion Squad.

Have a lovely day and keep leaving those amazing comments that I love.


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Fashionista on Tour said...

They are utterly stunning!!! I so want them myself...shame pay day is a wee while away!