Saturday, 10 May 2008


Today I've bought the ticket to go to Blood Red Shoes'concert.
This duo is composed by the contrast between the angelic looks and the sinister hellish noise produced by Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, with the right name for their particular disturbing kind of punk-rock: Blood Red Shoes.
Their debut album came out the past January 2007, produced by Mike Crossey (Artic Monkeys).
Devoted to violence, they like "things that look nice but really undernearth they are not". Their music sounds a bit violet as well. Laura-Mary is an artist, her favourite painter in Mark Rydon, because "he's an amazing modern painter and would make a painting of that girl 'Buffy' but in a childlike weird way in strange colours, and there would alwayas be something obscure or some dark elements going on.
Laura-Mary liked to walk around the streets of East London where she used to live for about 5 years down the night, because there are some bits of 'Jack the Ripper' (she's a massive fan of), "I liked going down those roads where I knew aomething had happened. I also wanted to work in the bar that Jack supposedly drank in: 'The Ten Bells'. And they kept it completely the way it was.

A part of destruction, concerning to love Steven has a strong aversion for 'fucking love songs. He gets bored of that, he thinks there are two types of songs about love:
"There are songs written out of the obvious feeling of love and there are songs that I call "a love song": Boy meets girl. Girl meets Boy, they fall in love and use phrases like 'Baby I love you' and all that sort of shit. That's been so overdone.

Here is the video of the single: 'It's getting boring by the Sea'
Enjoy the show

See you on Tuesday 13th of May in RazzMatazz.
I'll be there and you?

with Love
Verena G

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MR style said...

great post !! yeah i'll join !! see ya there :)

Roman VC said...

saw them as a support act for linkin park back here in berlin. one of the best acts i've seen over the years. to be honest: linkin park should've been their support act!
hope you enjoyed them as much as i did...