Thursday, 15 May 2008


Sons and Daughters are:
Adele Bethel: vocals, guitar, piano
David Gow: Drum and percussion
Allidh Lennon: Bass, mandolin, piano
Scott Paterson: vocals, guitar

the band was born almost 5 years ago, and comes from Glasgow.
For the last five years Sons And Daughters have worked towards fashioning a distinctive sound, image and story. For this last album, during the summer of 2006, Sons And Daughters holed up in a house in the village of Adfern on the west coast of Scotland. They had no television, no telephones, and worked on new songs in a converted barn for eight hours every day. “We wrote and practiced all day and played poker and got drunk at night. We were committed to writing a great pop record,” says Adele Bethel. “We all love Blondie and The Smiths and we wanted to embrace that and not repeat what we had done before. Then we thought: who would be the perfect producer for a record like this?”
Domino’s Laurence Bell suggested Bernard Butler, and all being huge Suede fans the band agreed.“I hadn’t heard them before,” admits Butler. “They played me their new songs and I thought that they had a lot of drama and passion, but that they needed channeling. And in a way I felt that the band’s strong image could hold them back, like they might be trying to fit into a genre they had created. Sons And Daughters are a cool bunch of people, but I didn’t really want them to be cool; I wanted them to face up to their demons and embrace all the things they loved Then once we got talking we realized we liked the same things, that we all liked Fleetwood Mac as much as The Smiths.”
Listening to their rithm you can't just stand, you need to move, the waves of the sound suddenly enters direct to your veins, and gets possession of you blood and all your body, making you moving and dancing around as a crazy cow.

unmissing, tomorrow they'll play in Razzmatazz, Barcelona, at 2:00am;
and tonight in Wien (love you Indie-mag).
And we'll be very lucky because they're going to play herein Spain again, at the Summercase Festival, 18-19 of July.
Tmorrow I'll be at the front row, see you there!



"If this doesn’t get you dancing like Uma in Pulp Fiction and fishing out the slut red lippy, then call me Bella Bogroll and shit in my lap. Abrasive, dark and sexy like a lady assassin, Gilt Complex is quite possibly one of the most perfectly constructed singles of the year. It should happily bitchslap Kate Nash right off her foundations."
(Disorder Magazine)

with Love
Verena G

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