Friday, 13 March 2009

TOO FAT TO MODEL.....?????

Alexander es una modelo de 18 años. Empezó su carrera de modelo muy pronto pasandose toda su adolecencia entre pasarelas de las más famosas en el mundo.
Se enfermó, anorexia, y decidió no caer en un pozo sin fondo, así que reaccionó.
Pero esto le llevo a escuchar decirse, en paris, durante la semana de la moda:
Tus piernas son demasiado gordas para desfilar?
Habeis visto sus piernas!

A ver, me encantaría desfilar y ser un super not tall ; ) model. pero me encanta demasiado la comida, y siendo italiana, no voy a renunciar a todas esas especialidades.
It's not worthy.

For all the english speakers, I do not write anything because it's all explained in the video.



Elisa said...

I feel very sad and dissapointed when i hear about something like this. One shouldn't do anything in the world that could jeopartize his health.

Niviarsiaq said...

This is horrible! I recognize that models have to be skinny but for that kind of pressure to be put on them is just horrible! And I think she looks great and still very thin and model-like. Sometimes I'm disgusted by the fashion industry! It great that they are trying to change though.

Silje said...

I have no words..

Pixienish said...

I agree with Elisa. But she's back and kicking again now :)