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This designer is one of those who dares to go against all canons of catwalks, showing models not that skinny

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His really short dress are for couragous women that do what they like because their young and selfconfidence, women that are strong, regardless of their sensuality.
The Spring/summer collection 2010 is full of colour because: "It was the inspiration of the show; the power and instinct of being in nature" as the designer says.
The brand is having a lot of positive feedback, after having a reorder from Browns, who are putting them in their online shop. Holt Renfrew and Blake have increased their orders since last season and they (the brand) have nine other new accounts, including Des Kohan in the art-gallery district of LA and L'Eclaireur in Paris.
at the question of the guys of 10magazine: "Who would you like to see in one of your dresses?" he answers: " A Woman that enjoys life and love"

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Este estilista es uno de aquellos que van contra las reglas de las pasarelas y muestra modelos un poco diferentes de las tipicas skinnies.
Sus vestidos super cortos son para mujeres que tienen coraje, que hacen lo que quieren porque son jovenes y seguras de ellas mismas, fuertes y regrdless a su sensualidad.
La colecciòn primavera/verano 2010 es llena de colores: "Era la inspiraciòn del show, el poder del instinto de estar en la naturaleza", como dice el mismo disenyador.
La marca esta obteniendo gran éxito, después de haber tenido un nuevo orden por Browns, que empiezaràn a vender la marca en la tienda online también, Holt Renfrew y Blake han aumentado el pedido desde la ùltima temporada y (la marca) ha nueve nuevos pedidos incluyendo Des Kohan en la galeria de arte de LA y en Paris, para L'Eclaireur.


Veronicahhh said...

great concept, clothes that can fit any body!

stylorectic under medical treatment said...

i can give him " A Woman that enjoys life and love" give me the dress! x)

Jessica Ly said...

love the designs, even more so that the designer is somebody that doesn't use models that look as though they are fading away!!be sure to check out my blog and leave a comment hehe x