Monday, 29 March 2010


Last month I had the opportunity to be one of the famous stupids participating at the DIESEL campaign video 2010, promotional for the new single of my friend and talented musician Josep Xorto 'Hundred Lovers'.
Even if there have been a looooot of complainings about this campaign, especially in Italy (people get bored easily) I love the new campaign, BE STUPID. Once you STOP thinking you start living, enjoying things around you, and creating.
and that's a wonderful sensation.

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I could never be offended of having an arrow against me saying Im stupid, I know who I am and what I do, so that seems to be be funny. I love it, I am stupid ;)

click on the link above to see the video, click on persons to know who they are and what they do.
I dont have a stupid thing I did written on my 'cloud', coz that day I couldn't choose between the thousend of stupid things I did. But the last one is drinking too much and falling asleep on 29 bus and wake up in enfield, at the last bus stop somewhere in London. Funny huh?


Tea For Two said...

Haha! Nice one..

Anonymous said...

Fortissimo !!!! Poi ci fai la tua figura, dovrebbero prendere te per la campaign anche quella del magazine !!!

che avventura tremenda.... io col 'mind the gap' pensavo che uno appena un po ubriaco rischia la vita in quella città xD

fashionfamous said...

OMG! hahahha

¡☼ Besitos monosos fashionistas ☼!