Saturday, 7 February 2009

The bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki

Tonight tonight we're gonna make it happen.....
Por fin ha llegado, la noche de Blody Beetroots & Steve Aoki es esta noche, y yo ahí estaré desde principios.
Hace unas dos horas me llegó el mensaje de Bob: Corazon estamos aqui, espero a mis maletas, nos vemos en nuestro hotel y vamos a cenar tu, yo, el pelo rizado, el bigote y el cobra ( ; ))))
Muy bien, estoy super emocionada, ademas porque la primera y última vez que vinieron yo tenía el examen mas heavy y difícil del año el día siguiente. Así que mi cabeza no estaba totalmente libre y suelta.
Hoy SI, hoy es la gran noche que seguro nos quedará grabada para todo el año y más allá.

Finally It's gonna happen, Tonight is the night of Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki together @ Apolo. And I'm going to be there from the first moment.
About two hours ago an sms arrived from Bob: Honey, we're here in Barcelona, waiting for my lagguages. See you later at our hotel and then we'll go and have dinner together, you, me, the mustache, the curly hair and the cobra. ; )))))
Last year when they came I had an heavy and difficult exam the day after so my mind wasn't so free and crazy as I'm supposed to be. But tomorrow is Sunday so...
So now I'm almost ready, the battery of my camera is recharging and still not sure if wear my new high heeled boots or not.
Anyways, tonight is THE NIGHT!

Much Love


Silje said...

Take lots of pictures!=)

Krystal said...

very cool, have fun!

Daisy said...

Oh cool photos!

kaitlyn said...

i loooove the bloody beetroots!! a mutual friend of mine is doing all of theirs and MSTRKRFT's artwork for coachella this year, so i might get tickets, i'm sooo excited! hope you had an awesome time!!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Love the Bloody Beetroots.

Elisa said...

Have fun!
Your skirt is fantastic :)

Ingrid The Kids Meal said...

it is so awesome you can see Mr. Aoki live! When he cae to where I live, sadly I couln't go I didn't have the age, if you understand, jeje)

Read ya!

Rachel said...

i had seen TBB last summer in porto... it was nice but not awsome.
yesterday was simply mad... they were frenetically incredible as their sound.

about AOKI, it was a surprise, i´ve seen a lot of electro dj´s, the whole ed bangers crew, mstrkft, boysnoise etc etccc, and i have never seen someone with such a rad and "gully" attitude on stage.

i came to the party alone, I knew it was goin to be good, wasn´t expecting to be that HUGE. it made me remind why i came to barcelona after all...kinda ! I had fun like I though I couldn´t...

long live aoki... facttt

Eeli said...

Hi dear!

oh my goodness you are insanely lucky. The other day a friend of mine sent me a link to the remix of Bloc Parties Helicopter and since then i've been trying to illegally download it from somewhere haha. Oh i enjoy the odd rave party ;)

Luv xxx Eeli

Btw, heels all the way ;)

Dana said...

Nice pics! I'm glad you had a great time!