Friday, 6 May 2011


Hey hey hey

meanwhile I am having such problems with the templates of my blog, or better said new blog SWEET VEE VEE - no more APPEAL TO THE EYE - it's been a hard choice but it was time to move on from something in my life and I decided to leave appealtotheeye behind, after 6 long years, but no worries, appeal to the eye soul will always be between us even if the style of streetstyles will change a little a better way of course, and in this way I can be with you more often, not just every two months :)

I enjoy taking pictures and I enjoy blogging, sometimes also talking some s*it.

I want to post today a video, a music video, directly from the Grime scene, which is Frisco, the MC, to a different sounds and course much more fashionable and that can be appreciated by everyone else not just the lovers of it.
The video is full of colors and a lovely feeling.....the fucking about.. :)
Goldielocks, beautiful and awesome as always is showing a style that I L O V E too much. sporty, casual, stylish and COOOOL. sweet super cool, 1000 points to goldie, but Frisco is not jocking around either. In fact is one of the guys from the scene that has one of the best style....sometimes.....but more than any other average MC :)
Together with J2K as well, which is one of the MC with the best style I have to say.
So enjoy the basses, enjoy the sound, the style, the sun, the lyrics....enjoy it innit? :)

and if you want to leave some comments you are more than wellcome

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