Friday, 6 May 2011


Hello my followers 

Next days I will have an announcement to do, but as you can see this will not be APPEAL TO THE EYE anymore but SWEET VEE VEE . I will keep posting pictures of cool people I meet on my way but I'll add all that comes and get into my mind, the mind of Sweer VeeVee. I'll defo try to have the collaboartion of many other talented girls in fashion, music and design and art world, and of course this will lead to a bigger plan and bigger social broadcast network but that will be part of other news from another day :)

What I would like to do now is introducing you some guys JERMAINE and JAIME I had the honour to meet and who will do big things for this 2011. In Music of course, one of my biggest passions.

The songs I had the pleasure to listen to while in studio with them were awesomes, amazing, and will defo make you shake that SWEET bumbum.

A little introduction comes from this video more words for me....but more facts from them


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