Monday, 12 January 2009



Lo sabías que una egocéntrica como yo tiene todos los profiles de cyberspace posibles?
y quien lee este blog se cree que exista solo esto. Bueno, esto es mi trabajo, es lo más importante y es lo a que más le dedico tiempo, como por ejemplo ahora que debería estar estudiando y estoy aquí comunicando con no se quien; es mi amor, mi pasión y sobretodo como un hijo para mi de quien necesito cuidar.
Ma con i miei amori ovviamente!
Bueno, si alguien de vosotros no se ha dado cuenta aún, hay un 'second blog', llamado 'The Coolhunter Diary' of Verena Stefanie (Yo), y es 'kinda' diario personal, donde pongo mis fotos y cositas varias que tengan que ver con mi vida. Aunque no os ilusionéis demasiado. No habrá mucho que cotillear sobre mi. O por lo menos esto voy a intentar.
Si os estáis preguntando que es ese anuncio ahi arriba que desde domingo aparece en el blog, es un anuncio de Orange, despues de haber sido contratada por la empresa GALACTINET.
Bueno, no me quiero pasar de las rayas, pero vamos, ORANGE, 'mica cazzi eh'(no tonterías).
Así que, visitar visitar visitarrrrme lo más que podáis que yo siempre intentaré daros lo mejor.
y visitar mucho
y apreciar las bonitas fotos que sacó Ramon Zuliani en Italia.

He entrado en una nueva aventura, afuera de las líneas de demarcación de nuestro País (vuestro/suyo), he abierto otro blog = a lo de coolhunterdiary en el network sueco, con
a ver si consigo entender algo y mis clases de sueco han servido de algo.

Muchos Besos y Amor.

That I'm a bit egocentric, didn't you?
And I have all the possible networking blogs/spaces/books possible? Well, so it is. This is my love, this is my work, this is kinda of a son for me. I'm talking about Appeal to the Eye, but, to spread the name, I need to enter in other communities too.
If you readers haven't payed attention to the right side of this page, there's a link that brings you direct into the coolhunter diary ( It's a kind of 'behind the curtains of the show'.
And from today on I'm trying to get into the swedish network as well, trying to open an ID in the community of a huge bloggers world that I'm appreciating everyday more. (ex: ALMAH). Let's see if my swedish lessons work out and are needed for something.
And, are you wondering about that publicity on the right side of the screan, that has appeared from Sunday(yesterday)? Well, as you can imagine is an ads, from Orange (a mobile company such as Wind in Italy, or O2 in Uk), beeing contracted from GALACTINET.
So, not to be too much full of my self or presumptuous, but, that means that my blog is 'cool', it values something more than occupying most of my thoughts and free time.
yuppi! but thanks to you guys and girls, it's all thanks to you, who supports me, who gives me reasons to believe in this project, and thanks to my parents as well, they are first persons that believe in me, anything I do.

Love Peace and Rock'n'Roll.

Verena Stefanie Grotto


cleo said...

i lvoe your blog too:)
thanks for the comment:)
i would be great to change link!!!let me now when you link me:)

cleo said...

i linked you too:)
sure to be in touch:)

kimberleigh rose said...

I really like your blog. Thanks for checking mine out. I've added you, so let me know if you add me. Comment again. Thanks. -kimberleighROSE

yellow, white, red ROSES

kait.lyn said...

i totally understand what you're talking about.
having a blog is fun, but it's really satisfying to see other people enjoying what you post, too.

i love your blog! keep up the great work!

p.s. i loooove how your posts are bilingual. i'm an english/spanish speaker too and i really admire the way you've incorporated that into your blog.

Blood Roses said...

love the pic! you have been linked my dear :)

Vintage Tea said...

Hey I added you to my blog roll if you could do the same that would rock

Nita-Karoliina said...

sure lets change links! you have amazing blog!

Twobreadsplease said...

It would be great to swap links! I shall do it tonight, let me know when you link me too :) Your blog looks great, I'm so jealous of your gorgeous long hair! Keep in touch. Mel xx

MollyCake said...

fun blog you have. your pictures are always amazing.

Sophie said...

Your blog is lovely, I'll add your link now :) Pretty photo! And also, I love your interviews with people, they're so interesting

MollyCake said...

i linked you to me!


Albert said...

me encanta que digas lo de egocentrica!!!!!!! reina de la web 2.0!!!

Noemi Rochelle D said...

im following you rblog now! and thanks for the comment on mine !